Cancellation Policy

We understand that things don’t always go to plan.

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Obviously we understand if you need to cancel for any reason (unforeseen events etc), provided you let us know 7 days prior to your booking start, we will happily reimburse your full lesson fees.

Once it gets closer to the booking the harder it is for us to resell those time slots missed.
With this in mind if you cancel:
6 days prior to your booking we will return 80% of your lesson fees.
5 days prior to your booking we will return 60% of your lesson fees.
4 days prior to your booking we will return 40% of your lesson fees.
3 days prior to your booking we will return 20% of your lesson fees.
At 48 hours or less from your lesson start time, it is extremely difficult to get alternative bookings at such short notice, so unfortunately you will not be eligible for any refund as we will use the fee to recuperate the instructors wage cost.

In the event of inclement weather:
Full refunds will be issued if, for reasons such as bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances,
Furano Ski Area is forced to close it’s facilities for the period of time that your lesson was due to take place.
If it is only a temporary closure of facilities we may offer you a choice between postponing the lesson (if available) or issuing you a refund.
If appropriate facilities are available for us to conduct your lesson then your lesson will go ahead as scheduled. We won’t for example issue a refund, just because its snowing.



Posted on: August 8, 2015, by : admin