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For details on how to get to Furano, please click here for the Furano Tourist Office webpage


Bookings are best done in advance by Email:

Using Email simplifies the process and reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding or miscommunication of the products desired/duration/start time/dates/names/ski/snowboard etc.

When enquiring about lessons please include the following information:

* Date/s of desired lessons

*Type of lesson/s desired ski and/or snowboard

* How many ski and/or snowboard lessons and the preferred duration for each date

* Number and names of lesson participants and their current ski/snowboard ability

* Contact information in resort and accommodation in Furano.

Providing contact information helps us contact you in the unlikely event of a problem arising. A knowledge of where you are staying helps if we don't get through with the primary form of communication then we can contact your hotel reception.