How do we pay for our lessons?

Once you decide to book having first confirmed with us that we have availability for your lesson/s at a specific time & date.
Our next step is to arrange payment. This is normally done by us sending you a request for payment through Paypal.
Once you receive this request, you will be able to either pay by credit card without having to sign up for Paypal, or if you do sign up then you will be given a variety of payment options that are available to individuals with Paypal accounts.
Once we receive payment your booking will be confirmed and we will send through your lesson confirmation.

We prefer to use Paypal because of the security it gives our customers. Paypal is a major international company that specializes in online payment and so needs to take cyber security very seriously. Their team of experts constantly monitor and update to ensure that your online payment is as safe as possible. This allows our customers to benefit from Paypal security and have a safer experience than a cart attached to our website.

We also can accept bank transfers if for some reason you would prefer that over Paypal, however in this case we would expect customers to cover the transaction fees.
We do not accept cash for lessons booked in advance.

For those walking into our office attempting to get lessons at the last minute.
If we do have lessons available, we do have a credit card terminal in our office and can take payment by card or cash. Our office is located on the top floor of the Kitanomine Gondola Builing and is open 08:30-16:00 during the Furano ski season