2018/19 High Season

High Season Dates

15 Dec 2018 -13 Jan 2019

2 Feb 2109 – 10 Feb 2019

High Season Products

Due to the increased demand for our products during the high season periods we offer a slightly different product line up to help maximize the time our instructors are available for our guests. We only offer 2 hour and 2.5 hour lessons in the afternoons during this time.

All Day Private Lessons 
5 hour FISS premium private¥40,000
6 hour FISS private 9am-4pm¥48,000

with our 5 hr all day program you are booking the instructors time for the day (up to 5 hours of teaching time). We allow you to choose the starting time of your lesson and organize your day to suit your preferences. Want a later or earlier lunch etc… no problem

Some of our guests last year requested that we add a 6hr lesson to our line up. On their request we will run both 5 and 6hr privates this year. Due to time limitations in fitting a 6hr lesson into the day this product will start at 9am and finish at 4pm. Guests will still be able to choose when they wish to go for lunch.

Morning Private Lessons Afternoon Private Lessons 
3 hours 9am-12pm¥27,0003 hours 1pm-4pm¥27,000
2.5 hours 1pm-3:30pm¥24,000
2 hours 1pm-3pm¥21,000

Book online before the 2019/20 season and get low season rates during the high season periods

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